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Silk Painting Designs for copying and tracing, to use for your own art projects and to inspire you.

Salmon of Knowledge Silk PaintingThese silk painting patterns are all simple to trace, and suitable for beginners as well as experienced silk painters.
Once you have outlined the design onto the silk you are free to express yourself through the colours you choose and how you use them, or you can copy the completed pictures on this website.
You will create a unique piece of artwork to enjoy and be proud of. It could be the start of a relaxing and very rewarding hobby or even a new business if you want to sell your work.

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The patterns are hand drawn black and white images and each pattern comes with its own step by step instructions.
Simply choose your pattern, pay through Paypal and you will be given the link to your pattern ready to print. It's as simple as that!

Floral Suncatcher PatternFloral Silk Painted Suncatcher

The main silk painting technique you will use will be - The French Serti Technique -
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Equipment you will need when you use these patterns:

Silk  or 15cm ready made silk suncatcher
Frame for stretching your silk (not for suncatcher) 
Silk Paint or Dye
Silk outliner or gutta
Paint brushes
Masking tape
Silk Pins or drawing pins/thumbtacks (not for suncatcher)  

Each pattern comes with a list of equipment you will need for that particular pattern but of course it is only a guide and you can choose your own colours. You will also receive instructions on how to paint your picture.

What can I do with these patterns?

Well, quite simply you can:

Use them as tracing patterns for silk painting.
Use them as tracing patterns for glass painting.
Make unique gifts for family and friends.
Colour them in - Fun for children.
Resize them for larger or smaller projects.
Be inspired by them for your own art and craft projects.

What can I use the completed paintings for?

These colourful and vibrant paintings can be used for:

Wall Panels; Stretch the silk over a square wooden frame and staple to the back of the frame. 
Framed Picture; Put in a frame of your choice. 
Cushions; Either as the front side of a cushion or as a panel within a larger    cushion. 
Wall Hangings; Duplicate the patterns on a long length of silk, hem round the edges leaving a larger opening at the top so that you can slide a rod through it to hang the silk from. 
Colourful suncatchers to hang in a window. 
Embellishing curtains, bedding and table cloths. 
Decorative translucent blinds for your windows. 
Bringing new life to silk clothes. 
Anything you like - use your imagination! 

Hand made crafts have a charm and value that cannot be reproduced by manufactured products. There is a quality to a hand crafted piece - the knowledge that some one has spent their time and used their talent or skill to produce something unique, that they were inspired to make and are very proud of. With this in mind, when creating your own pieces do not be alarmed by small mistakes you may make. They are a part of its value and people don't expect flawless perfection in a handmade piece of art.
Sometimes, when I've made a mistake and asked my family to have a look and tell me where they think the mistake is, they haven’t seen it and have pointed to something that wasn't a mistake!

If you want to find more information about silk painting check out the pages on this site. They are often updated, so if you need instructions on how to paint on silk or want to learn some new techniques you will find them here. There is also a brief history of silk painting and video instructions of some of the patterns.




























































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