Patterns for Silk Painting

Floral suncatcher patternBelow are the 3 categories of patterns for silk painting. These images show what the patterns can look like when they have been painted.

You will get a black and white pattern for tracing with instructions on how to use it and what equipment you will need.
The patterns print on A4 sized paper. Large patterns are spread over several pages and will need to be taped together.

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Please note the patterns cannot be added to cart and must be bought individually as you will be given a link to a page for immediate download of the pattern chosen.
Only the suncatchers and gutta are added to a cart.

Mouse over the images below to see a larger picture.

Silk Suncatchers 
   Wicklow Butterfly
   Dipsy Daisy
   Betsy Butterfly

Burren Butterfly
Silk Panels   Mouse over the images below to see a larger picture.

Celtic Heart

Celtic Resting Bird

Celtic Rings

Celtic Bird With Berry


Salmon of Knowledge 1

Salmon of Knowledge 2

Salmon of Knowledge 3

Salmon of Knowledge 5

Salmon of Knowledge 6

Salmon of Knowledge 7

Salmon of Knowledge 4

Celtic Cross



4 Rings

The Winding Road


Silk Wallhangings     Mouse over the images below to see a larger picture.


Circles of Life


Moroccan Summer

Pattern dimensions are noted at the bottom of the enlarged image.
New silk painting patterns will be added regularly so please keep looking.

Watch the video instructions for Moroccan Summer here 

 Silk Art
With these patterns you can create your own beautiful paintings on silk. Hand painted silk has a quality that cannot be reproduced by machine. Your silk art is unique and that is what makes it special.

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Permissions and Copyright Notice
These patterns are for use by individual silk painting hobbyists only and cannot be copied or reproduced for sale without permission. All restrictions apply to the patterns and the images.
They cannot be used commercially without the artists permission and they cannot be displayed on other websites.


Resting celtic Bird silk art

Celtic Rings silk art

Celtic Bird with Berry Silk Art

Celtic Cross Silk Art

Burren Butterfly Silk Art

Floral Silk Art

Betsy Butterfly Silk Art

Salmon of Knowledge Silk Art

Dipsy Daisy Silk Art

Circles of Life Silk Painting Pattern

Tulip Silk Painting Pattern

Donegal Butterfly Silk Art

India Silk Painting Pattern

Sunbeam Silk Painting Pattern

Circles of Life centre panel silk painting

Wicklow Butterfly silk Art




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