Silk Painting Techniques

This list of silk painting techniques can or will be used when painting with these patterns.

The Serti Technique

The serti technique originated in France. It means to enclose or fence an area on the silk using resist (gutta/outliner) before filling with paint or dye.

This is the main technique you will be learning when you use the silk painting patterns.

When you apply paint or dye to silk it is quickly absorbed and spreads out as far as it can go. By drawing lines or patterns using resist you are making a barrier on the silk that the paint cannot cross and therefore you are containing and controlling it - only allowing it to spread exactly where you want it to go.

This is a fabulous technique because you have taken complete control of the paint, you have a clear idea what your finished piece will look like and you have eliminated any doubt and uncertainty that might make you nervous about starting in the first place.

It is the perfect technique for both beginners and experienced painters and is the main technique used with silk painting patterns.

These structured silk paintings are easy to make but the end result can be startlingly beautiful.

See Equipment and Instructions page for more information on how to paint using this technique.



The Salt Technique

Silk painting with salt produces amazing effects on the silk. While it is not completely controllable you can choose the areas on the silk where you want the salt to work its magic. The salt soaks up some of the paint around it and crates mottled light and dark patterns. You can use different sized grains but I find coarse salt makes the most dramatic effects..
First you need to paint the area you are going to use the salt on. While it is still wet sprinkle the salt over the paint or dye or add the salt one grain at a time. You can arrange the salt in patterns to make more defined shapes. For example if you make a circle with the salt you could end up with the shape of a flower or sun.
IDEA: This technique can be used in the ocean border for The Salmon of Knowledge patterns.

Wet on Wet Technique

This technique involves different colours blending seamlessly together. Whilst you have wet paint on your silk add another colour, either on top of the original colour or to the side so they meet. The colours blend and change and compliment each other beautifully. You can add more colours to these and watch as they change shape and become lighter or darker. This can be very exciting to watch as there is always the element of surprise! 

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Celtic Circle silk painting

Celtic Bird silk painting  

Celtic Rings silk painting


Painting on silk salt technique
Salt technique

Painting on silk wet on wet technique
Wet on wet technique 



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